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The game is simple. There are 2 teams, red and blue. Each team will take rounds in guessing words. At the beginning of each round there will be a YouTube video being played for a short bit. Once this is finished the current team has to guess which 2 words were used to search for this video! Guess one wrong and the turn will pass to the next team. First team to guess all 6 key words belonging to their team wins!

At the end of the game you will see a short history to see just how bad (or good) you were in guessing.

Good luck and have fun!

Install instructions

This is the game server.  To play you need to install Java, open a terminal where you have the server file and run with the command "java -jar <server filename>.jar". Once the server is up you can open a browser and input "localhost:8080" as the URL and you'll be taken to a web view of the board. This view is also where you will see the YouTube videos being played!

To play the game you will further need to download the apk from google play. This app serves as a controller (the website view is just so everyone can see the video and the current state of the board). From this controller you can connect to your local server via WiFi and play our game.


Codenames-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar 19 MB

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